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Artist Series - Persimmon + Lily
Artist Series - Peony + Pomelo
Honey Candle - Pulp
Honey Candle LARGE - Pulp
Celia Loves Sea Mist + Vetiver Candle
Celia Loves Rose + Tonka Bean Candle
Celia Loves White Musk + Violet Candle
Celia Loves Maple + Coco Candle
Celia Loves Oakmoss + Lime Candle
Celia Loves LARGE Candle - Toasted Marshmallow
Celia Loves Gin Pomelo & Juniper Candle
Celia Loves Sugared Grapefruit Candle
Basil & Neroli Candle
Lemon Myrtle & Orange Blossom Candle
Marrakech Rose Candle
C'est La Vie Candle - C'est La Citrus
C'est La Vie Candle - Captivated Cherry
C'est La Vie Candle - Coconut Elixir
C'est La Vie Candle - Peaches with Purpose
C'est La Vie Candle - La Vie Lemongrass
Candle - Freshwater Pearl - Cloudburst, Tahitian Lime & Jasmine
Candle - Pink Diamond - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Candle - Pink Sapphire - Green Petals, Freesia & Dusk Dew
Candle Druzy -  Baked Sugared Pastry & Anjou Pear
Candle Diamond - Sangria, Lemon & Pink Sugar Jam
Candle Petite Laguna Agate - Sea Mist, Peony & Vanilla
Candle Petite Chili Margarita & Rock Salt
Candle Petite Rhodolite - Melon, Agave & Tonka Bean
Candle - Aura Quartz - Rose, Sweet Citrus & White Blossom
Candle Petite Aquamarine - Bougainvillea, Lemon & Freesia
Candle Petite Clear Quartz - Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Parfait
Candle Mother of Pearl - Lemongrass & Coconut
Candle Petite - Lapis Lazuli - Summer Fruits + Frangipani
Big Bubble Candle - Pink
Big Bubble Candle - Blue
Big Bubble Candle - White
45 results
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