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Travel Essential Oil Roller
Sleep Essential Oil Roller
Love Essential Oil Roller
Healing Essential Oil Roller
Clarity Essential Oil Roller
Evolve Essential Oil Roller
Diffuser Harlequin Quartz, Melon Mojito and Raw Sugar
Diffuser Crystal Quartz, Coconut, Lime and Passionfruit
Diffuser Opal, Pavlova and Summer Fruits
Petite Candle Amazonite - Lime, Coconut and Lemongrass
Candle Petite Tigers Eye - Zesty Orange, Mango & Peach
Candle Petite - Ruby - Lily of the Valley
Candle Petite - Black Quartz - Mandarin, Vanilla, Patchoulli
Candle Peridot - Gardenia & White Wisteria
Candle Opal - Pavlova & Summer Fruits
Candle Emerald Oakmoss Sandalwood Vanilla
Candle Yellow Diamond Summer Fruit Sorbet
Candle Citrine - PawPaw & Passionfruit
Candle Tahitian Pearl Fruit Spritzer
Candle - Crystal Quartz - coconut, lime & passionfruit
Candle Garnet - Raspberry Peach & Coconut
Candle Petite Sapphire - Chantilly Musk
Candle Petite Sunstone - Melon, Lime & Blackberry
Candle Topaz - Magnolia & Pear
Candle Petite Angelite - Lemongrass & Orange Blossom
Candle Zircon - Passionfruit and Green Apple
Candle Petite Jade - Mandarin, Vetiver and White Cedar
Candle Rainbow Pyrite - Pink Lotus, Lemon & Vanilla
Candle Moonstone Pear Lychee Passionfruit
Candle Mother of Pearl - Lemongrass & Coconut
Harlequin Quartz Candle - Melon, Mojito & Raw Sugar
Celia Loves Strawberry Champagne Candle
Celia Loves Japanese Honeysuckle Candle
Celia Loves Sweet Lemongrass Candle
Celia Loves Wild Fig and Honeydew Candle
Celia Loves Alectrona Goddess Candle
53 results
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