Celia Loves Rhea Goddess Collection Candle


Celia Loves Rhea Goddess Candle

Gorgeous CELIA LOVES locally hand poured 100% natural soy wax candles

  • CIRCE-Goddess of self care, scents of Oakmoss and amber, the perfect way to end your day!
  • SELENE -Goddess of the moon, bringing calm and serenity to your day, lemon, lime & wild freesia.
  • ALECTRONA- Goddess of the sun, perfect combination of sweet pea and vanilla.
  • PHEME- Goddess of fame, bergamont, lemon citrus and base notes of fresh lily and Amber to raise your spirits.
  • TYCHE - Goddess of fortune with scents of tropical coconut, Montego Bay.
  • RHEA- Goddess of nature, perfect for one of those days where things just don't fall into place, Clove and Sandalwood.
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