Ooly Eraser - Magic Wand (colour chosen at random)

Using Magic Wand Scented Erasers might just be the most enchanting erasing experience you’ll ever have. Make all of your pencil mistakes magically vanish leaving nothing but a delicious sweet-smelling strawberry scent. With an easy grip barrel and a thick eraser cartridge, erasing is as easy as using a pencil. Once the eraser has run out just pop it out and out comes a fresh new strawberry scented eraser ready to work its magic. And why not make your mistakes disappear with elegant style? These pencil erasers are topped with a charming gemstone topper and comes in two fabulous colours; Pink and Purple.

  • Magical Pencil Eraser
  • Smells like Strawberries
  • Replaceable Eraser Cartridges
  • Elegant Gemstone Toppers
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